Staff Directory

Email Phone #
Main Church Telephone                                                     651-426-3261

Teaching Pastor John Straiton 651-762-9118
Village Chaplain/Pastor of Pastoral Care Cindy Senarighi 651-762-9129
Pastor of Children, Youth and Family Ministry Brian Norsman 651-762-9176
Pastor/Resource Center Sarah Breckenridge 651-762-9122

General Services
Baptism Lisa Heyer 651-762-9175
Director of Buildings and Grounds Dale Bakken 651-762-9140
Custodial Tom Jensen 651-762-9134
Finance Director Patty Ingberg 651-762-9174
Financial Support Amy Ness 651-762-9101
Food Service     Kim Warner 651-762-9114
Funerals Lisa Grundtner 
Administration and Human Resources Mary Pat Moutrie 651-762-9138
Prayer Chain Requests Lisa Grundtner  651-762-9117
Communications/Webmaster Joe Holmberg 651-762-9116
Sermon CD Requests Receptionist 651-426-3261
Community Resource Center Liz Schreier 651-762-9124
Local Missions    Pastor Sarah Breckenridge
Weddings Lisa Grundtner 651-762-9117

Education, Outreach, Fellowship

Adult Education Pastor John Straiton
Alanon and Alcoholics Anonymous Lisa Grundtner
Bible Studies Any Pastor
Counseling Any Pastor
Care Connection Pastor Cindy Senarighi 651-762-9129
Children, Youth and Family Pastor Brian Norsman 651-762-9176
Men's Ministry Pastor John Straiton 651-762-9118
Int'l Missions Jamaica Director Jeff Peterson 651-762-9112
Int'l Missions Slovakia Paul Berge 651-762-9143
Int'l Missions Slovakia Support Dianne Nash 651-762-9141
Parish Nurse Dana Gabor 651-762-9106
Pastoral Care Pastor Cindy Senarighi 651-762-9129
Prayer Ministry Pastor John Straiton 651-762-9118
Pre-Marital Classes Lisa Grundtner 651-762-9117
Sports & Recreation Pr. Brian Norsman 651-762-9176
Women on the Edge Carrin Mahmood 651-762-9119
Women's Ministry Carrin Mahmood 651-762-9119
Worship Coordinator Carole Lundell 651-762-9132
55+Plus/Grand Adults Pastor Cindy Senarighi 651-762-9129
55+Plus/Grand Adults Support Lisa Grundtner

Children's and Young Families  (Birth - 5th Grade)

Director of Children and Family Ministries Kim Lewin 651-762-9167
Nursery Coordinator Kristy Moosbrugger 651-762-9136
4th-5th Grade Education
Erika Hiland 651-762-9126
Preschool Coordinator Greta Bahrke
Elementary Coordinator (K-3rd Grade)
Jen Collins
Great Hall Education Minister Kristy Moosbrugger
Administrative Support Lisa Heyer
Youth Programs (6th - 12 Grade)

Team Lead Erin Morris 651-762-9135 
Youth Minister of Discipleship
Jenelle Thorvilson   651-762-9130 
Youth Minister of Evangelism, Mission and Outreach  Justin Pinotti
Confirmation Erin Morris 651-762-9135
Sports & Recreation Brian Norsman 651-762-9176
Administrative Support Mary Post 651-762-9131
Registrations Mary Post 651-762-9131

Music Ministry

Adult Choirs and Handbells
Jan Gilbertson
Contemporary Worship Director
Sara Renner
Bill Chouinard
Administrative Support
Dianne Nash
Kristin Chouinard
Choristers (Grades K-1)
Miriam Sikora
Orff Ensembles (Grades 2-Sr. High) Meriah Chamberlain
King's Messengers (Grades 2-3)
Barb Wieland
Celebration Singers (Grades 4-5)
Jennifer Starr
Middle School Choir (Grades 6,7,8)
Jennifer Starr
Senior High Choir
Sue Gilsdorf
Charles Gray

Preschools of St. Andrew's

Director of Full-Day Preschool
Margie Munter
Director of Half-Day Preschool Jill Wieland
Full Day Preschool Office  Deb Hruby