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Young Adult Ministry: Building community and making faith real and relevant in the lives of young adults – age 18-35. 

As with actual wild spaces, the wilderness of young adulthood brings with it a whole lot of uncertainty and, sometimes, fear. But the wilderness can also bring with it freedom, especially when we navigate it together and learn to rely on our faith for guidance. Who is it that God has brought you be today? Who is God calling you to become? What does God have to say about your next step? Who are we, together?

The Bible has much to teach us about navigating uncharted wilderness. Jesus himself sought wilderness as a teacher; for 40 days he went head-first into an experience of isolation, emerging filled with the power of the Spirit (Luke 4), with clarity and confidence that only the darkness, solitude, and wilderness could offer him. He also learned that God was with him in the wilderness, even and especially when that seemed impossible.

So let’s do this together. Through monthly gatherings, special events, retreat, small groups, and social activities, we’ll walk together, trusting God’s promises and heeding God’s call that we need one another; that we are better when we’re in community with one another. Let’s see where this journey of faith takes us.

About Us

Hey there! My name is Deacon Stephanie Anderson and I serve at St. Andrew’s as the Director for Hospitality & Faith Engagement, which includes young adult ministry. I’ve had the gift of meeting a handful of you and I can’t wait to get to know each of you as we build together a ministry that is most supportive of those of us in our twenties/early thirties here at St. Andrew’s. I’d love to hear from you what that might look like!
So let’s think creatively about how we show up as church together. You can check this webpage or email me ( to connect or to sign-up for email alerts about upcoming events. Please let me take you out to coffee (virtually, for now)!
Be well,
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