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Our Community Prayer

Gracious God, as we grow weary from this virus, we boldly ask for a cure.  As we struggle with fears and anxieties, with focus and finding our way forward, assure us of your presence. We give thanks that even in the face of the unknown, we are completely known by you.

Thank you for all those working to preserve and renew life and health. Protect and give them strength for the days ahead. Thank you for all those who make us feel connected and cared for. Shield and bless our most vulnerable and the unemployed.

Provide wisdom to leaders as difficult decisions need to be made. Provide supplies, vaccines, and safe places for treatment. For all the sick and suffering, bring healing. For all those grieving, bring comfort. Help us to trust you and your love for all.

Renew me. Restore me. Give me your peace and the inspiration to spread your healing love. AMEN