What’s the one most important prayer we should pray every day? St. Ignatius said you should never omit the Examen Prayer, also known as the Examination of Conscience, from your daily prayer. This app will remind you to pray the Examen Prayer daily and walk you gently through the steps with the trusted guidance of Fr. Michael Denk. In the Spiritual Life there are 3 voices: 1) Our Voice 2) The voice of the Enemy and 3) The voice of God. The Examen Prayer app helps you to be aware of the different voices, listen to God’s voice and reject the voices that are not of God.

A journal is included to help you keep your daily resolution and grow in your prayer life. Journaling will also help you reflect on and make changes in your life that will bring you closer to God.
Features of this app:
· Daily scripture affirmations
· Reminder to pray the Examen Prayer
· Reminder of the resolution that you made
· Video tutorials
· Step-by-step teaching
· Secure, password-protected journal
· Journaling feature with each step
· Journal review
· Cloud storage syncs journal between devices
· Resolution reminder.
· Adjustable countdown timer so that you can determine how long you want to pray each day
· Links to the Daily Readings, Church Finder, and Catholics Come Home.