After consultation with our COVID-19 Response team, we are moving forward with planning for in-person services and activities in situations where and when it can be done safely. We believe St. Andrew’s mission is essential to proclaim Jesus Christ, live in Christ, and serve our community and its spiritual needs in this time of great change and uncertainty.

Due to the nature of this virus, we recognize that all people will not be able to return to church this fall, and there will be variation in what activities will be able to be safely held on campus. We will continue to offer online services, bible studies, and experiences indefinitely and encourage people to utilize online opportunities whenever possible.

While we typically have reservations regarding such inequities, we see a need for spiritual care for some people that cannot be resolved through online-only experiences. We know welcoming people back to campus will be slower than some people will like. We will be cautious, and we will make adjustments when and where they are needed.

Over the summer months, we have been working diligently to understand best practices and training regarding the health and safety of our community, congregation, staff, and volunteers.  We have hosted limited gatherings on campus for funerals and weddings in our sanctuary this summer and recently hosted two outdoor worship experiences.

We will continue to abide by the safety recommendations and guidelines put forth by the MN Department of Health and seek counsel from state and local health experts. Under Governor Walz’s Executive Order, face coverings are required for indoor public settings, which includes all St. Andrew’s Church buildings. We will continue to adhere to strict physical distancing requirements and modify the in-person worship service experience as necessary. Pre-registration is required for all in-person worship services to maintain capacity limits. You can read St. Andrew’s COVID Preparedness Plan here


  • We will continue to conduct funerals and weddings on campus at limited size and duration, using the practices we have put into place already this summer.
  • Preschool will resume classes on campus this fall using the safety protocol and procedures you can find here.
  • Limited in-person worship services will be offered on campus beginning Saturday, September 12 at 5 pm (Contemporary), and Sunday, September 13 at 9 am (Traditional- Service of the Word)
  • Live-hosted online worship experiences will continue at the following times through live.saintandrews.org:
    Sat. 5 pm (Contemporary), Sun. 9 am (Traditional), Sun. 10:15am (Contemporary), Sun. 4 pm (The Depot)
  • Dial-in Worship Service will continue to broadcast Saturday at 5 pm (Contemporary) and Sundays at 9 am (Traditional). FOX 9+ will continue to broadcast services at 2pm. Services are also always available on-demand at saintandrews.org
  • Building use will continue to be limited. Staff will continue to work remotely, when and where appropriate.