Adult, Youth Choirs and Instrumental Groups Suspended

Message from Jan Gilbertson, Director, St. Andrew’s Music:

St. Andrew’s is known for its strong music ministry, with choirs for adults and children, instrumental music, the powerful Casavant organ and congregational singing. Our programs offer musical experiences for all abilities, so that we can all serve God through our music ministry.  However, COVID-19 has brought a change in the way we worship through music.

With the gradual return to limited attendance/physically distanced indoor worship planned for September, we have determined that the time is still not right for choral and instrumental groups to rehearse and participate in Traditional Worship. While this is disappointing for everyone, we place the need for health and safety above all else.

We will not be starting music rehearsals (choral, instrumental, adult and youth) until our Leadership Team and COVID-19 Task Force deems it safe to do so. 

Large group choral and instrumental rehearsals and performances have been temporarily suspended. This includes St. Andrew’s Choir, New Dimension Singers, St. Andrew’s Orchestra, all youth and children’s choirs.  St. Andrew’s Music Series is suspended through the end of 2020.


Each of our choir directors will be reaching out to choir singers in creative ways to offer ways to connect and participate as soon as it’s feasible.  If you or your child are interested in joining our choir program, and you were not involved in the past year, we enthusiastically welcome you to join now. We would be happy to include you in our plans and activities as they are developed this year.

In the meantime, we invite you to participate in music in new ways!

  • Tune into each weekend’s Traditional Worship at 9 a.m. Sundays ( and Facebook Live) as we are replaying some of St. Andrew’s best choral music from worship services over the past few years, plus presenting current music from soloists from our talented congregation. Sing along joyfully!
  • Sing on your own and with family. Play piano and other instruments.
  • Listen to music that speaks to you and gives you joy and meaning.

We look forward to singing together soon! If you have qusetions, please contact Dianne Nash, Music Department Administrative Assistant, 651.762.9141.