Welcome to Wellness Oasis!  We know that our healthcare professionals and people in the helping fields are being stretched to their limits as they care for others during this pandemic. St. Andrew’s has had a stirring to figure out a way to support and care for all of our frontline workers. This podcast series focuses on topics that are important to the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those that may be feeling that they are just surviving in survival mode.

Series: Beyond Survival Mode

Episode 2.  Ambiguous Loss
Sometimes loss doesn’t look or feel like it. Get some practical and spiritual tools to begin the healing process.

Episode 1.  Grief: Name It and Claim It
How we respond to loss of life and the loss of community around us.

For more information about Wellness Oasis, or the care ministries of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, contact Pastor Brian Norsman, 651.762.9176, or by using our Contact Us form.