Sometimes when Climate Change comes up, people say, “Yeah, but what can I do?”   Here’s your chance to find out how your choices DO affect God’s creation.
Each of us has the power to make choices that affect the earth.  Join members of St. Andrew’s Environmental Stewardship Team in this three-week LifeU offering as they present background, resources and tips for living in the world in a more environmentally friendly way. Learn better ways to take care of God’s creation! Attend any or all of the classes.

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting ID:  922 5113 3200

Zoom Passcode:  734000

Wed., April 14, 7 pm

The Power of Our Choices: Home & Transportation

Presenters: Jeff Ledermann and Jeff Riegle

Wed., April 21, 7 pm

The Power of Our Choices: Lawn & Garden

Presenter: Cynthia Hammel

Wed., April 28, 7 pm

The Power of Our Choices: Food

Presenter: Laurie Windisch