October 28, 2021: A little more than 20 years ago, seven visionary members of St Andrew’s Lutheran Church joined forces to create The Foundation of St Andrew’s.  They were committed to creating a vehicle that would assist donors in carrying out the mission of St. Andrew’s Church by reaching beyond the annual program budget of the congregation.  And, they made sure this would always be a driving force of the Foundation by stating this in the Articles of Incorporation.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Foundation’s founders. Please join us in thanking them if you see one of these individuals or their family members at St. Andrew’s:  Thomas E. Brust, Melinda S. Elledge, Robert W. Horning (dec.), James A. Jenson, James E. Nash, James P. Nelson (dec.) and James M. Walline (dec.)

Financial Impact

The first donation to The Foundation of St. Andrew’s was $14,383 and created the first endowed fund: Youth Ministry and Community Outreach. Today the Foundation oversees 10 endowed funds with over $800,000 in assets!  The really good news about The Foundation’s growth is in the impact that the annual distributions make on its missions. This year, The Foundation was able to  distribute $34,8000 in grants!

Click here for 2021 Foundation Annual Report

The Mission of the Foundation

The mission of The Foundation is to support St Andrew’s missional efforts by Serving in Christ’s name through careful stewardship of donor assets; Informing all about generosity as an extension of faith and witness to God’s mission; and Connecting donors with appropriate resources to help them translate their heartfelt intentions into charitable legacies.  We invite you to let us help you achieve your charitable dreams!

For more information or to speak with someone about how The Foundation can help you with your estate planning contact Christa Getchell, Executive Director of The Foundation.



The Foundation of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 900 Stillwater Road, Mahtomedi, MN 55115