March 2022 – Caring for God’s Creation through Composting

Did you know that about 20% of our landfills consist of food waste?  And that food waste in a landfill will lead to the creation of methane gas, a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide?

For these important reasons, people around the globe are collecting food scraps for making into compost.  The compost can then be used in gardens to grow our own food, flowers, or whatever you like to grow in your happy place!

Food Scrap Collection Sites
In the Twin Cities, several new food scrap collection sites have been set up.  The closest one to St. Andrew’s is the Mahtomedi Fire Station, but there are sites all around Washington and Ramsey Counties and beyond. Residents are encouraged to sign up on line and pick up a free starter kit consisting of a collection pail, compostable bags, and program information.  Click the links below to learn more about the program in your area.

St. Andrew’s began collecting organic waste for this purpose a few years ago with the three-stream garbage receptacles around campus.  Now, we all get a chance to better care for the beautiful creation God asked us to care for.  Thank you for doing your part.