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Have you ever considered what it would be like to have an electric-powered vehicle? Can you imagine never stopping at another gas station for fuel?!  How about an annual maintenance checklist of 1. New Wipers 2. Fill washer fluid? My husband and I took an opportunity to test drive a Tesla several years ago, and we were just so impressed by the simple elegance of the thing.  When you’ve grown up with nothing but gas-powered internal combustion engines your whole life, it’s such a surprise to open the “frunk” (that’s a trunk located on the front end of a BEV, or battery electric vehicle) to find extra storage space!   And it runs so quietly…and FAST!

Full disclosure, we have yet to take the leap to buy an EV, but we are into the shopping phase now and are watching the trends as new vehicles are introduced each season.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing more infrastructure put into place as well, so that if we want to take a road trip with it, we know there will always be a place nearby to charge up.

In our exploration phase, we discovered a website that has loads of vehicle comparison information for electric vehicles when you are ready to really dig into the possibilities.  This also shows many of the PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) available on the market.  Those types won’t keep you completely away from the gas station, but you won’t be there as often, and they’ll alleviate any anxiety about range — distance you can travel on a charge — that many people have.  It’s updated on a quarterly basis, so you can get the most up to date information.

One of the things EV owners often get challenged with is, “How long does it take you to charge your vehicle?”  As one EV owner put it, “Well, I spend a few seconds plugging it in in my garage when I get home in the evening and take another few seconds to unplug it when I leave in the morning!”  That sounds like my kind of fuel fill-up!

On Sunday, August 21, 8:30-noon, the Environmental Stewardship Team will host an EV Petting Zoo, where you can stop by the Youth & Sports Center parking lot before or after church to see some of the vehicles people are driving with electric power. Ask experts and owners any questions you may have about them, check out the frunks, notice the cleanliness, maybe they’ll even let you sit in them! Come take a look and consider the possibilities of a future of quiet cars, no smelly exhaust, and no more gas fill-ups.  Look for more information in St. Andrew’s weekly newsletter and pre-worship announcements.  Hope to see you at the zoo…at church!   – Laurie Windisch, EST Member 

*Comments from EV owners when asked, “What do you like most about your EV?”

“I love my Chevy Volt because the maintenance is so minimal. Once a year I have to do an oil change, and that is it!”

I like…“going by the Holiday when it’s really crowded.  Also, when I’m running late, just unplug, take off, and fly by the gas station.”

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