The holidays are a time of joy, gifts, and gathering with loved ones. Sadly, they also result in mass amounts of waste and overconsumption. There’s roughly 25% extra garbage from each
American household (about 1 million extra tons of garbage each week!), and it is estimated that 7% of gifts are unwanted. Try using the handy list of gift ideas below for gifting in a thoughtful and more creation-friendly way. Think quality over quantity. Help your kids consider how they can give without spending too much money. Additionally, please consider actions you can take to reduce holiday waste during your celebrations. Enjoy using whatever dishes and silverware you have and put your dishwasher on double duty!


Give gifts of experiences. A visit to a winter fun park, a class, an outing to a local event.
Give a gift of your time. Baking, gardening, transportation, home maintenance.
Make your own homemade gift ideas. Blankets, candles, housework “coupon books.”
Donate to a charity. So many great causes help support God’s creation.
Make your holiday traditions environmentally friendly. From decorating to cards to entertaining.

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