Women’s Ministry


Women’s Bible Study: The Book of Mark

Wednesdays, 9:30–11:30 a.m. Great Hall

Every Other Saturday, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Sanctuary Room 201

Discover the exciting plan Jesus Christ has for you through the fullness of the Book of Mark. Small groups are now forming. The fourth week will be a lecture or presentation by Intern Pastor Caroline Keenan or Carrin Mahmood. $15 covers materials. Register online at saintandrews.org or at church with an envelope. For more information contact Carrin Mahmood at cmahmood@saintandrews.org or 651.762.9119.

Register online: Women’s Bible Study: Mark
For information contact Carrin Mahmood at cmahmood@saintandrews.org or 651.762.9119.

Girlfriends’ Gatherings 2019 – simple gatherings of women for fellowship and refreshment

 “Come away with me to a quiet place and you will find rest.” Mark 6:31

Simple gatherings of women for fellowship and refreshment

Join us for fellowship and a devotion. Appetizer, dessert or beverage contributions are welcome, but not required. Please email JoanMcCormick@comcast.net to RSVP and for directions. Future dates: Thursday, Aug. 8; and Friday, Oct. 11.


Women’s Book Club

Women’s Book Club meets the third Monday of the month at 11 a.m. in the Conference Room at the Maplewood Library unless otherwise noted. Books are read prior to and then discussed at the meeting. We are always open to new members and book suggestions.  Join us every month as we read books then gather to discuss them and discover the spiritual truths that are found in all great literature. For more information, contact Kay at krehnberg74@comcast.net


Book Reporter reviews
For questions, commentaries and teaching guides to many books, go to SparkNotes.



Women on the Edge

Experience wilderness activities with other women in a Christian environment

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