Confirmation Highlights

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110 9th Graders were confirmed on Reformation Sunday in a very unique way. As a final expression of faith before their Confirmation, all our confirmands were asked to produce a Faith Project. The topic: How does your faith change how you see the world? Students were an integral part of the morning online and in-person worship services. Here are a few of the pieces from those worship services. Lessons read by Shelby, Ally, Jacob, and Josie Prayers with a Dance of Prayer by Solana “God Is” Statements as the Proclamation of Praise Lip-Sync to the Hymn of the Day A Little Too Long Now: (An original song by Spencer Anderson, sung with his two brothers Samuel and Simon) Lucy Ross preforming Here I Go by Mia Stegner (sung and recorded with permission from the artist) Lucy Ross preforming Share A Home by Mia Stegner (sung and recorded with permission from the artist)

Confirmation Stay Safe Plan

By |2020-09-10T21:01:13-05:00September 13th, 2020|Youth|

Safety is our top priority. For all of our Confirmation in-person gatherings we will carefully follow St. Andrew's COVID-19 response plan. Attached here is the "Confirmation Stay Safe Plan" that will guide our time together. We're prepared for last minute changes if we're not able to gather in person.

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