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Short on time? Sign up to receive weekly podcasts via email and grow deeper in faith and you listen and learn to live in faith everyday by tending to scripture. Dr. Michael Chan and special guests explore why scripture matters in a world with so many voices. What makes for a good story? Why is storytelling so hard? What is one story that changed your life? How do you tell your story on social media?

Faith and Trials: Re-Authoring Your Life Story THURSDAYS 7:00 PM

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Each of us tells a story of our lives to ourselves that can limit and define us. How can we re-author and share a more faith-filled and life-giving story? Each week we will weekly practice ways to enlighten the story God has for our lives. Join Pastor Brian Norsman and receive practical tools that help re-narrate our personal stories to actively engage anew the world around us.

Immersed in Verse WEDNESDAYS 6:00 PM

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Telling our own stories can feel a little more manageable when we do it a verse at a time. Grab your favorite pen and join Intern Pastor Amy Mihelich Smith as we immerse ourselves in the poetry of our past, present, and future. We’ll read great poetry from the Bible and from contemporary authors. Inspired by prompts and guided meditations, we’ll write our own poems together. We’ll reflect on the transformative power of storytelling, practice sharing poetry with others, and discover how our verses contribute to the larger epic of God’s work in the world.

Story Telling Workshop MONDAYS 7:00 PM

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Anderson and Rev. Andrea Roske-Metcalfe, Twin Cities Moth GrandSLAM storytelling champion, to learn tips and tricks for upping your storytelling game. These hour-long sessions will be workshop-based, as we offer and receive feedback from one another from a place of compassion and vulnerability, and will culminate in an (optional) open-mic night later on in February.

Telling Your Family’s Story with Mark Jackson SUNDAYS 6:30PM

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What are the stories that shape who your family is? Interactive conversations will give your family time to discuss what makes your family’s experience its own, including birth stories, how your names were given and what they mean, and the daily routines and practices that are important to you – and what those quirky things you do as a family might say about you! You’ll also explore how your family has experienced God, faith, and community and how you can share your family’s faith story with others.

Spiritual Practices that Speak Scripture Into Daily LIFE

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God's word is LIFE-giving. Come experience God's word in new and experiential spiritual practices that will move your soul into deeper contemplation. Though the ancient practices of the Breath Prayer, Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, Guided Meditations, and more, you will tap into an ancient- future faith that will set your heart on fire.

Is Everything I Know About The Bible Wrong?!

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A lighting-quick overview of the Old and New Testaments through the lens of common misconceptions, assumptions, and outright blunders. For many people the Bible is just a little bit scary; it's big, it's long, and it's serious business. Even for many of us raised on the Bible there are ways we think about the Bible that aren't terribly helpful, things we think we know about the Bible that are quite right. the reality is that as familiar as the Bible may be to us, most of us don’t know the Bible nearly as well as we think we do. The three sessions of "Everything You Know About the Bible Is Wrong" will help us enter into reading the Bible and making sense of it for our daily living. Pastor Karl Jacobson & Pastor Breckenridge

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