A Dime, A Parking Lot and 45+ Years at St. Andrew’s

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Do you know someone  interested in exploring what membership means at St. Andrew’s? Curious to learn more about our congregation, theology, and ministry opportunities? Invite them to join us Sunday, July 12th from 2-4pm for our (first ever!) online New Member Class CONTACT: Deacon Stephanie Anderson at sanderson@saintandrews.org to learn more and to register. Recently, St. Andrew's member Bob Jasper posted a photo of this dime in our Contemplative Photography Facebook group. "I found a dime on the ground in Festival parking lot this morning. Over the past 30 years, I've found dozens of them. I found each one at a spiritually significant time or place. There is a long story behind them. Finding them always brightens my day. This one is dated 1974-the year we moved to MN and joined St. Andrew's." We caught up with Bob and asked him to share a bit more about the dime, his memories and this moment as a member of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church. Can you tell me a little more about what brought you to St. Andrew’s? My wife and I had just moved to Minnesota in April of 1974 and to the White Bear Lake area that fall. We were looking for a church home and saw an ad for St. Andrew's in the local newspaper, so we decided to check it out. The pastor, Roger Eigenfeld,-(the only pastor at that time), greeted us with a big, welcoming smile. He showed us around and made us feel at home. Many members greeted us warmly. Two families, in particular, welcomed us into their hearts and homes, the Sutherlands and the Bergs. We became good friends with them and remain so to this day (the Bergs, sadly, are no longer with us). We liked the fact that St. Andrew's had [...]

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For Such A Time As This…

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“Those first few days we were talking about closing church I remember thinking how will we tell everyone?” said Joe Holmberg, Communications Director.  “Perhaps we will have services for one more week?” he thought.  And then, in a what seemed like the blink of an eye, the state issued a stay at home order and St. Andrew’s was launched fully into a digital world, with online worship, online Bible studies and Facebook Live services. 3,500 households were called within the first week we left campus, and 937 prayers were added to the prayer list.  Staff, church leaders and community wondered how long this would last and yearned to get back together. It became apparent, in those early days that we needed more infrastructure to really be the church, outside of church. The Community Resource Center rallied to avoid disruption of support for community by routing the main phone number to cell phones, and in those first 6 weeks, we saw a 300% increase in phone calls from the same weeks the year before.  Requests for rental assistance, short-term housing and basic needs came flowing in. Online worship was already a part of our worship opportunity, but new features were added, like interactive chats, Facebook Watch parties, prayer rooms, all as we sought new ways to reach out to those we missed and those in need of hearing the healing power of Christ’s love. After several weeks at home, we learned new ways to engage as students adapted to online confirmation and our Bible studies shifted to recorded messages and in-person zoom calls.  We started worship in the courtyard for our friends at St. Andrew’s Village, and yet still we felt the call to reach further to find those who were not yet connected. We added a dial-in worship number that [...]

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St. Andrew’s 30 Days of Prayer Initiative

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For 30 days members of St. Andrew's prayed together a community prayer for comfort and strength in the midst of great uncertainty. The effort began May 1 and concluded May 30, marking the transition from Easter Season to Pentecost. Thank you to all who joined us in prayer on facebook, in your homes and throughout the community. SEE ALL 30 VIDEOS

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