Pastor John Straiton Retiring from St. Andrew’s

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After 47 years in ministry, Pastor John Straiton retiring from St. Andrew's It is with profound joy (and a tinge of sadness) that we announce the retirement of Pastor John Straiton from St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church effective April 30, 2021. His final sermon will be given at all worship services in person and online Saturday and Sunday, April 24-25. ... Read letter from Council President and Lead Pastor Read letter to congregation from Pastor John Straiton write a comment to john below (scroll down to leave a comment) record a video message to John

Inclusion Ministry

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Civil Conversations: Whiteness Thursday, March 25 - 7 pm - Via Zoom Join a panel discussion about whiteness. Panelists will be sharing how learning a fuller history of whiteness helps set all of us free and brings us together, making our world less divided. Panel will be answering tough questions from the congregation about whiteness and its history. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 917 2596 7890       Passcode: 330502 Mobile dial-in: (Chicago) +1 646 558 8656 US (New York) +1 253 215 8782 US What is Civil Conversations?  A place to convene about difficult topics, with no shame/no blame, just real conversation with real people and each other. Our next Civil Conversations topic explores Whiteness.  Talking about “Whiteness” can feel polarizing and bring up a lot of personal emotions.  This demonstrates how important it is to talk about it and understand the impact for us all.  Talking about “Whiteness” is not about shaming white people, it is about exploring the system of “Whiteness” together to build a better shared understanding of the world we live in. Panelists:  The Rev. Jason Chesnut, ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA), is a freelance filmmaker, itinerant pastor, and digital preacher, working on the edges of institutional Christianity.  His films are committed to a new kind of storytelling (, and his work extends into movements for justice and liberation.  A native of Texas, Jason graduated from Texas Lutheran University and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  He lives as close as possible to mountains, and in an alternate universe he would be a wildlife photographer. Tori Williams Douglass is a writer, speaker, educator, and activist. She [...]

Wellness Oasis PODCASTS

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Welcome to Wellness Oasis!  We know that our healthcare professionals and people in the helping fields are being stretched to their limits as they care for others during this pandemic. St. Andrew’s has had a stirring to figure out a way to support and care for all of our frontline workers. This podcast series focuses on topics that are important to the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those that may be feeling that they are just surviving in survival mode. Series: Beyond Survival Mode Episode 2.  Ambiguous Loss Sometimes loss doesn't look or feel like it. Get some practical and spiritual tools to begin the healing process. Episode 1.  Grief: Name It and Claim It How we respond to loss of life and the loss of community around us. For more information about Wellness Oasis, or the care ministries of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, contact Pastor Brian Norsman, 651.762.9176, or by using our Contact Us form. 

Make a Meal for the Hugo Family Shelter

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As we continue to maintain social distancing during COVID-19, we are continuing to ask for meals instead of in-person volunteers to help feed our families staying at the Hugo Family Shelter. It's a great way to be involved during these challenging times. How it works: Dinner is dropped off at the door, and staff brings it in and serves our families.  You can bring a hot meal, a frozen meal, ingredients to make a meal, or even a gift card to order/buy a meal.  You sign up on "Meal Train" ( see link below ) which allows you to see when other people are bringing meals and what is being served.  Sign up for any day in a  "St. Andrew's Week" or  "Open Week."   Call the Community Resource Center with any questions at 651-762-9124. SIGN UP TO BRING A MEAL TO THE HUGO FAMILY SHELTER

Next Stop for The Depot

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Next Iteration of The Depot Ministry The Depot Church in Hugo is moving into its next iteration --  shifting from online worship to small group ministry! Starting January 1, The Depot will serve as a ministry of St. Andrew’s, helping us connect, pray, and walk with one another through small groups that help us deepen community bonds.  In this time of COVID-19 and social distancing, it’s more important than ever that we move into holy moments to catch our breath and be in community. Big thanks to Pastor Brian Norsman and Pastor Jenny Sung for getting The Depot ministry off the ground, and for their work in setting a vision for broadening The Depot beyond geographical limits into a new dimension of ministry.  Thanks to everyone in the community whose gifts of time, energy, love and resources keep our mission alive.  Pastor Jenny will continue shaping The Depot into new ways to be church together through small groups as we move into 2021. The final online worship for The Depot was held Sunday, December 27, click here to see.  Pastor Jenny will continue to lead outdoor worship at Hugo Lions Park on the first Sunday of every month, and will have a presence on Facebook and Instagram with Holy Pause meditations. Watch for more information about The Depot Small Group Ministry on our website and on social media.   

Now Hiring: Preschool, Shelter Staff

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We have a few employment opportunities available within St. Andrew's! Our newest opportunity is for a part time Shelter Associate position to work at St. Andrew's Family Shelter in Hugo. Every-other weekend availability is required. Approximately 20 hours per week. We have a full-time opening for a Lead Preschool Teacher at The Preschools of St. Andrew's Full Day Program. 40 hours per week, benefit eligible. We continue to have a need for qualified Substitute Teachers and Assistant Teachers at The Preschools of St. Andrew's.  More information on these opportunities can be found by clicking the link below. Employment Opportunities at St. Andrew's

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