Preschools – What Parents Say About Us

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"Our third child will be starting at the Preschools of St. Andrew’s this fall. Shannon and Denise are qualified and caring. They have helped each of our children prepare for kindergarten. All have excelled coming out of St. Andrew’s. Additionally, each child has grown in their faith and social skills. Thank you, Preschools of St. Andrew’s!!"  – Margot K.   "My child is a shy type but with the help of St. Andrew’s and teachers, Ms. Denise and Ms. Shannon, he was able to enhance his self-confidence. This school produces well-wired minds, helping children discover their world and gain  the skills they need."   - Decedelyn R.   "I cannot say enough about the experience my family has had at the Preschools of St. Andrews. My 6-year, 4-year old, and my 1-year old have all been or are currently enrolled in the program.  As a kindergarten teacher myself, I am passionate about the quality of preschool programs my children attend, and this one is top notch. The daily schedule and curriculum is developmentally appropriate for young children, while also preparing them well for the rigors of kindergarten. The field trips and daily outings to chapel, Spanish class and visiting grand-friends enrich my child’s experience in ways that only this school can. And, I cannot say enough about the teachers. They love and care for their students like they are their own. They go above and beyond to reach each child where they are at, and gently challenge each one to learn, grow and thrive. It is with all my heart that I recommend the Preschools of St. Andrews."   - Abby J.   "The Preschools of St. Andrew’s is truly an amazing place! Our family was blessed to have attended this school for six years. My children love St. Andrew’s! The best [...]

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