Why does Scripture matter at all? There are so many voices in culture right now: Musicians, artists, politicians, activists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs. Why should Scripture be given more weight than all of these?

LARGE GROUP ZOOM with Dr. Michael Chan

7:00 PM

Dr. Michael Chan is Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary. He holds an M.A. in Old Testament from Luther Seminary and a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Emory University. He is a popular adult education speaker, facilitator, retreat leader, and host of the Gospel Beautiful podcast, which explores the challenges of preaching in the 21st century.

Additional Resources from Dr. Chan’s Nov. 4 Large Group Zoom:

  • Walter Brueggemann, An Introduction to the Old Testament: The Canon and Christian Imagination
  • Michael Chan and Eric Barreto, Exploring the Bible.
  • Craig Koester, “Reading Biblical Literature: Genesis to Revelation” (an audio course through thegreatcourses.com)
  • David J. Lose, Making Sense of Scripture: Big Questions About the Book of Faith
  • Carol Newsom, Sharon Ringe, Jacqueline Lapsley, Women’s Bible Commentary, 3rd Edition, Revised and Updated.