Skipping Stones Ministry

Celebrating Milestones In Faith!

Our Skipping Stones ministry celebrates six significant moments in a child’s journey of life and faith, starting with baptism and continuing through high school graduation. Just as stones skip across water creating ripples at various points, our young people experience God’s grace breaking into their lives at different times and places. We mark, celebrate, and bless our children in these pivotal Spirit-filled moments, reminding them they are a beloved child of God and part of an extended faith community. All are welcome to join in this ministry at any time.

Each Skipping Stone includes an interactive workshop for children/youth and parents and a celebration and blessing during a worship service. Workshops are hands-on opportunities for children/youth and families to learn together, equipping parents to fulfill baptismal promises as they serve as primary caregivers, faith mentors, and guides for their children. We then celebrate and bless children/youth during worship as a reminder that we, as a congregation, promise to support and encourage families in the life of faith.

St. Andrew’s celebrates the following Skipping Stones:


Welcoming into the family of God (open to all, infants through adults)

Preschool Bible Blessing

Blessing the entrance into Christian education for preschoolers (ages 3-5)

First Communion

An invitation to the Lord’s Table (grade 1 and older)

Third Grade Bible Blessing

Digging deeper into God’s Word (grade 3)


Three-year program for youth to affirm and grown in faith (grades 6-8)

Senior Blessing

Celebrating our graduates who continue their faith journey (grade 12)

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