E-Update: Calming the Storms this Memorial Day Weekend

by Pastor Kyle Jackson

(posted 5/24/2018)
This weekend we will find Jesus, once again, out on the water. He is in a boat with the disciples and they are caught in a huge windstorm. The boat is battered and blasted by the rough waters. They are indignant when they find Jesus asleep on the boat, seemingly uncaring that they are about to die!

“Do you not care that we are perishing?” they ask Jesus. He awakes, extends his hand, and commands the winds and waves to be still. Immediately there is a dead calm.

Jesus has the ability to calm any storm that comes our way. Jesus is the life force that comes to us when we are most chaotic, most reeling, and most afraid. Jesus comes and whispers peace into our very hearts and souls.

Does Jesus care if we are perishing? He most certainly does. In fact, no matter what boat you find yourself in, no matter what storm rages, no matter how out of control your life might feel, please know this greatest of all truths that the disciples discovered that night out on the boat: Jesus is there in the boat with you!

So no matter where you find yourself this Memorial Day weekend, be assured that Jesus goes with you. We would love to see you here at worship at St. Andrew’s!

If you can’t make it, watch or listen to our livestream at 9 and 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Click the orange livestream bar on our homepage or use the sermon.net app on your Android or Apple/iTunes device. We have some tips if you need them.

May you be blessed and may you be surrounded by the great, great love of Jesus Christ!