E-Update: I Can See Clearly Now

by Pastor Sarah Breckenridge, Executive Pastor
(posted 8/9/2018)

“Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again;
and he looked intently and his sight was restored,
and he saw everything clearly.” – Mark 8:25

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day.

I think I can make it now, the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day.
– Johnny Nash

On this Sarah Breckenridgegorgeous sun-shiny day, this song came to my mind as I read the text for this weekend of the healing of the blind man (Mark 8:22-30). Oh, to see things clearly! What a gift! How rarely that seems to happen.

In the scripture above this is the second time Jesus attempts to heal the blind man. After Jesus’ first attempt, Jesus asks the man, “Can you see anything?” to which the man replies, “I can see people, but they look like trees, walking.”

Life is often like that — out of focus and fuzzy. That is when we need to keep trusting that Jesus is working in the midst of our blurred vision, in the midst of our “un-sures,” “unknowns” and “clear-as-mud” days.

This text reminds us that Jesus is there when our life is out of focus, but Jesus is also there when it is in focus. And when life is in focus, what we often do see clearly is JESUS! Just ask the blind guy.

Like in the song, when we see rainbows and God’s other promises fulfilled, it is so clearly a SON-shiny day. When we truly experience healing, our eyes are opened to the one who is always at work to bring healing: Jesus.

Come and See! See you at worship!