E-Update: Delighted by Faith

by Pastor Kyle Jackson

(posted 7/12/2018)
Have you ever been convinced that you were right about something and were proven wrong? Have you ever been utterly surprised or delighted?

In this weekend’s Gospel, Jesus continues to heal the world. Jesus is asked by a foreign woman — a Gentile, a Syrophoenician — for her daughter to be healed. After a back and forth exchange which has been debated for centuries, Jesus agrees to heal this daughter and is delighted by the woman’s faith. The Gospel story pivots and expands and reaches new levels and heights with this miraculous healing.

The healing power of Jesus is ever-expanding. It is ALWAYS growing. It is ALWAYS getting bigger, not smaller. There is, quite simply, no stopping the healing power of Jesus Christ. There is no person on the planet outside the scope and love of our healing Savior. We invite you to be captured anew by this powerful life force in worship this weekend.