E-Update: The Depot Church Comes to Hugo!

by Pastor Mike Carlson, Lead Pastor

(posted 9/13/2018)
For at least ten years now Michael D. Carlsonthere has been a lingering question about developing a worshiping community in the town of Hugo. As you likely know, Hugo is a town about 10 miles north of our church. It is exploding in growth — one of the fastest growing communities in the Twin Cities!

Last year in partnership with the St. Paul Area Synod ELCA bishop’s office and under the direction of the St. Andrew’s Church Council, we began a feasibility study under the direction of Pastor Brian Norsman and Intern Pastor Jenny Sung. The results of that study were obvious: full steam ahead!

This Sunday at 5:15 p.m. The Depot Church, a community of St. Andrew’s, will worship at Oneka Elementary Hugo. All are invited.

The study was very clear: the people of Hugo are hungry for a grace-filled community that speaks the language of God’s love to all people. There was another thing very clear: the people of St. Andrew’s are just the people of God to do this. The love of God in the people of St. Andrew’s cannot be contained!

After visiting with the people of Hugo, we emerged with the name, “The Depot Church.” It draws upon the rich history of Hugo being a place where the original Twin Cities train depot was located, a bridge to the Duluth area. In that spirit The Depot Church is a place to pause, reflect, and refuel for the sake of Jesus’ mission into the world.

The timing could not be better. With the opening of the St. Andrew’s Family Shelter, people in Hugo are about the work of Jesus in a profound way. It is full steam ahead indeed as the people of St. Andrew’s expand ministry beyond the walls in Mahtomedi. The Depot Church will take much prayer, volunteer hours, and an openness to the Holy Spirit.

If you want to learn more, visit thedepotchurch.org.