E-Update: Even a Nobody Is Somebody

by Pastor Sarah Breckenridge, Executive Pastor

(posted 6/14/2018)
“Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon, and are not his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him. – Mark 6:3

Yes, you read that rightSarah Breckenridge—the crowd, Jesus’ hometown crew, were having none of him or what he had to say! They took offense at him! And Jesus is still the one that many take offense at.

Let’s face it, he was a carpenter, uneducated, illegitimate, and from a family with brothers and sisters that obviously had little status or clout in the community. But this text reminds us that even a “nobody” (which is what they were thinking he was) is a somebody! And that is exactly what Jesus came to prove again and again. He did not just teach it, he lived, died, and rose to prove it. We are all “somebody” worthy of love and forgiveness.

Of course folks took offense at Jesus—he was breaking traditions and rules and boundaries. Today he is breaking stereotypes of what “nobodies” are capable of…wisdom and healing and power to bring change. History has shown us that many nobodies have become somebodies!

So if you are feeling like a nobody today, Jesus can relate. Don’t focus on how others are seeing you, but how God sees you: worthwhile, capable, lovable (just what TreeHouse teaches its youth). You, through the gift of the Spirit, can overcome much and change the world with the healing love YOU have to offer.

And if you catch yourself viewing someone with whom you work or go to school or live as a “nobody,” remember your calling to make sure they know they are a “someone,” a “someone” worthy of your respect and kindness. Remember some viewed Jesus as a “nobody,” and look how wrong they were! He is the “someone” who changed everything with his healing love. Jesus made you an important somebody! Go and do likewise!

See you in worship this weekend!