E-Update: For You

by Pastor Mike Carlson, Lead Pastor

(posted 10/12/2018)
One of my favorite Michael D. Carlsonphrases in church happens at Holy Communion. They are the words “given for you.” We hand people the bread and we say, “Body of Christ, given for you.” These words are pure grace. God gives freely, extravagantly and deeply of God’s very self. The author and king of the universe, given for you. The alpha and omega, given for you. Given. For. YOU.

It is from this depth of love God reaches out beyond sin and pain and makes the first move of reconciliation and peace and gives of himself FOR YOU. In the shadow of death and betrayal, God delivers powerful words: for you. And at the tomb Jesus rises again: for you.

It is this generous God who formed you, saved you, and sends you in his image of generosity into the world to give yourself away. This Sunday we celebrate the generous nature of being a Christian. We will receive your gifts and promises for the ministry of St. Andrew’s for the year to come.

I invite you to pray about your giving. Your gift makes a difference. It changes, shapes, and saves lives. You are created to give so that others can live. You are created to give so that others can believe. You are created to give so that you can reflect who God is into an often very selfish and self-serving world.

You have been given much and are invited to participate in the work of a generous God. Thank you for all you give and do.