E-Update: Leaning In

by Pastor Sarah Breckenridge

(posted 6/28/2018)
“When they had crossed over… they recognized Jesus, rushed and began to bring the sick. They begged Jesus that they might touch even the fringe of his cloak; and all who touched it were healed.” Paraphrase of Mark 6:53-56

This summer, Sarah Breckenridgeour preaching series is “Leaning In: Words of Life.” And in this weekend’s Gospel we will see people literally “leaning in” — leaning in to see, to touch, to hear Jesus. Why? So they might experience his healing power.

They completely believed that by leaning in (even just touching the fringe of his cloak) they would be healed. Are you feeling any urgency in your life to lean in for healing? A deep desire to hear, see, feel Christ’s presence?

Are you right now leaning in to Christ and Christ’s promises? I encourage you to try, if you are not ready.

Lean in to the promises that Christ is with you, making you new, restoring you — through love and forgiveness.

For then it becomes easier to realize that Christ is leaning in to you ALWAYS. And Jesus is willing to cross over any divide to reach you with his healing presence.

So lean in this week. Lean in to hear what God is saying. Lean in to see what God is doing. Lean in so that you may receive that healing love, and in turn be that healing love that others are desperately leaning in to receive.

And most definitely lean in to worship, for that is where we hear, see, and experience Christ’s life-giving words.

See you at church.