E-Update: Do Not Be Afraid

by Pastor Kyle Jackson

(posted 6/22/2018)
Even when Jesus is intending to go somewhere else, even when he is looking for solitude, he sees us and cannot help but help us and comfort us. In this weekend’s Gospel we find Jesus, once again, out on the water. (For those boating and fishing enthusiasts, especially this time of year, you are in great company with our Lord!)

Jesus has left the disciples and is walking across the lake to the other side. NO BIG DEAL! Suddenly, immediately, he sees the disciples fighting the wind and the waves.

He comes and comforts them immediately. “Take heart. It is I. Do not be afraid.”

These nine words can be translated to you and me 2,000 years later. There is nothing Jesus will not do to care for and comfort us. His presence is paramount. His presence is all-encompassing. May you experience the never-ending compassion of our God.

Join us in worship for this Gospel message as we celebrate our younger youth who have had an amazing VBS and our older youth who are heading to Texas for the Youth Gathering!