E-Update: Rally Weekend Is Here!

by Pastor Mike Carlson, Lead Pastor

(posted 9/7/2018)
I love airport reunions. Michael D. CarlsonMany times I have been brought to tears watching people join together after a long period of separation. Be it a person in the armed services being reunited with loved ones, a student returning home after study abroad, or just friends connecting with each other after a long time, it’s amazing to watch tears flow, hugs exchanged, and squeals of joy coming from children. Onlookers are changed as they watch the connections happen.

This connection is my vision for the church! This is the place where we connect and reunite with not only each other but with God.

This Saturday and Sunday at all worship services we celebrate the grand connection we have with God and with each other at Rally Weekend! Choirs are starting, Dock Sunday School begins, and fall programming gets underway as we kick off the new year.

It is a time to sing with great joy, eat a simple meal of grace around a table, and deepen our relationship with God and with one another. This is the day we gather around a cross, a bowl of water, and a table, simple symbols of a powerful and loving God.

See you at worship this weekend as we come together and remember who we are.