E-Update: Snowed In

by Pastor Michael D. Carlson, Lead Pastor

(posted 4/19/2018)
This past week I did Michael D. Carlsonsomething that I have never done in my 30 years of church work – I canceled worship. We made the very hard call for the safety of our people and staff. On that Sunday, however, I was in the church despite the fact we had canceled worship. Why didn’t I just take the Sunday off, you may ask? Simple. I received a phone call from a family who had a gathering of people from out of town for a baptism. They kindly asked if I would be able to make it to the church for the baptism of their child.

I was thrilled! They wanted that baby splashed with promise. They wanted to gather around water and candles, scripture and Spirit and make promises and hear God’s promise. They wanted church. And on the cold, record-breaking, snowy Sunday in April, God showed up. God moved over the water and claimed the baby as God’s very own. We may have canceled worship, but Church still happened.

As I was walking the family out back into the snow, one of the sponsors, the godfather, from California, looked back at me and said, “I guess God never takes a snow day.”

People, no matter what happens around us, to us or because of us, God shows up. The God of promise plows through the embankments of sin and death, fear and broken places and finds us no matter what. God never takes a snow day.

Wherever you are on your journey, be assured God shows up for you, with you forever.

Happy Spring, sisters and brothers!