E-Update: Speaking Up

by Pastor Sarah Breckenridge, Executive Pastor

(posted 7/19/2018)
“They brought to Jesus a deaf man who had an impediment in his speech; and they begged him to lay his hand on him.” ~ Mark 7:32

The deaf man does not Sarah Breckenridgecome to Jesus on his own. He is brought by a group of people who believe in the healing power of Christ. We are not told if he was a person of faith or not, but he trusted his friends, who were. And these friends spoke up on his behalf!

The Gospel text this weekend (Mark 7:31-37) is not just about healing; it also calls us to speak up for those in our midst without a voice. It is like last week’s text in which the woman spoke up for her daughter. In both texts people are “begging” Jesus.

What are you currently “begging” Jesus for? Is it for yourself or for someone else? Who is Christ calling you to speak up for? Who needs help to get to a place of healing love?

“Speaking out and speaking up, believing and praying and acting on behalf of one another, heals and restores, brings new life to life.” (Kayla McClurg)

Come to worship this weekend where we will be hearing and speaking about Christ’s life-giving words!