E-Update: Together at Christmas

by Pastor Mike Carlson, Lead Pastor

(posted 12/20/2018)
One of my favorite moments Michael D. Carlsonof all year is standing with a candle in my hand with the gathered people at Christmas Eve worship and singing Silent Night. That for me is the moment that I feel most connected to the true spirit of Christmas. I feel as if God is present and with us all in that moment.

The word “Emmanuel” literally means “God with us.” Not just God with me, but God with us. God with the common unity of the community. God with you and me and our friends and family. God with us! This is why on Christmas we are called to worship together. I believe that God calls all of us together to experience his blessings together.

So, it is in that Spirit I ask you a favor. Share this video so that we can have many people join us together in worship. Together we sing, together we pray, together we worship. In a world of individuals, let us gather and find hope around a child that welcomes all to the family of God.