Does churchonline have a phone app I can download?

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There’s no need to download an app and no app to download! Church Online is 100% web based! Previously you needed to download the Vimeo app to view services live. With the change to Church Online, that is no longer an issue, just go to on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. The Vimeo app is still an option to watch services live.   QUICK TIP: If you want an app icon on your phone to find the page easily, here’s a quick tip: open the churchonline page on your phone, tap the share Icon on the toolbar on your screen, and choose add to home screen. Name the button, and it will appear as an app icon on your home screen. See the graphic on the next page!  

Are services also being broadcast on Facebook Live?

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We plan to stream all services to Facebook Live during this time. There is no guarantee it will always be available due to technical issues with Facebook beyond our control. As long as it is working, a pastor will be participating in the comments just like the chat on churchonline. Each Facebook Live post will have a link to churchonline and a link to online giving in the video description.

If isn’t working for me, what are my other options for watching worship?

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You can always watch our services live (or on demand) on our Vimeo site Vimeo doesn’t have all the features of churchonline, but it is an option for viewing. A link to Vimeo is located below the big orange WATCH ONLINE button on the St. Andrews home page. We’ll do our best to stream to Facebook Live too, but this is not always guaranteed due to occasional technical issues outside our control.

How Do I Request Prayer With A Pastor?

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On a desktop or laptop, click the Request Prayer button below the video player and chat window. On a mobile device, prayer is the single bubble icon tab right next to the Chat tab. Tap it and you’ll see a button that says Request Prayer. You’ll need to have a chat name already, and if you don’t, just type in a name to enable the chat (you don’t need to post in the chat at all) and then click or tap “request prayer,” Once you click this, a second chat will appear and a pastor will message you shortly, to take your prayer request and pray with you. They’ll usually type a personal prayer to pray with them. If a pastor doesn’t connect right away, they may be praying with someone else, and they’ll connect with you shortly.

How Do I Give Using

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On desktop or laptop, click the GIVE button at the top of the page next to Video Archive and Home. On a mobile device, tap the menu icon in the upper right of the page (3 stacked horizontal bars). Or click on the banner that appears during the offering time and near the end of the service that says participate in the offering.

How do I get rid of (or use) the flying HEARTS from my screen?

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The hearts are used only on the Contemporary and the Depot services. To turn them off from your desktop or laptop, hold your mouse over the video player and you’ll see 3 dots appear in the upper right corner. Click on those and there will be an option to turn off reactions. To use the hearts, click or tap the heart on the right side of the video player as you feel moved.

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