Foundation of St. Andrew’s


A Ministry to the heartfelt legacies of donors, and a service to the internal and extended ministries of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

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Mission:  The Foundation of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church is a non-profit organization providing the avenue to give long term support for church ministries not fully funded by the annual church budget.

Vision: All members of our church community consider a legacy gift to the Foundation of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

The Foundation of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church is a nonprofit organization established in 2000 to provide funds for religious and charitable needs outside the scope of the annual budget of the congregation.

Donations to The Foundation are separate and distinct from day-to-day operating funds of the church. Through these gifts, The Foundation seeks to match donor intentions with ministries that serve the needs of people in Christ’s name in the community, the nation, and around the world.

Directors of The Foundation have the legal and financial responsibility to preserve gifts and to make careful investment decisions using annually-produced income to fund Foundation distributions. The hope is for all members of our church community to consider a legacy gift to The Foundation of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. We help our members identify their values and create personal legacies which enrich their faith and extend the ministries of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church.

For more information, or to visit with someone about entrusting your legacy to The Foundation, contact Pastor Gerry Rafftery, Pastor of Generosity and Executive Director of The Foundation at or 651.295.7039.


Ways to Give

Some ways to leave a legacy through The Foundation of St. Andrew’s:

• Make a one-time or recurring gift to The Foundation

• Donate stocks, bonds, or other appreciated assets which can provide significant tax value to you while funding your missional interests

• Give while you’re living and see your gift at work,
• Give through your Will or Trust designating a specific dollar amount or percentage of assets to The Foundation

• Name The Foundation as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of your:
• IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan
• Life insurance policy or an annuity

• Create a Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust

Gifts are normally tax deductible though donors should always seek advice from their tax professionals to ensure your intentions are being met.

What does the Foundation fund?

Over the past years, St. Andrew’s Foundation has funded radio broadcasts (see below); Mission Jamaica and Vision Slovakia; TreeHouse; supported our Music Ministry, the St. Andrew’s Community Resource Center and Habitat for Humanity; provided funding for Spark Bibles for kids; and supported seminary students.












Foundation Board Members:

Steve Bachman
Doug Bailey
Jay Breidinger
Amy Galeazzi
Jewelie Grape
Garwin Lenander
Bill Miller
Sharon Pfeiffer
Joe Sperber
Ralph Steiner
Glenn Taibl

Committee non-voting members:
Roger Henry
Erik Josephson

Ex-officio non-voting members:
Pr. Michael Carlson
Christa Getchell

Executive Director:
Pr. Gerry Rafftery

Sponsor a weekly Audio Live Stream of Sunday Worship

Celebrate! Commemorate! Recognize an important event, remember a loved one, or sponsor an audio live stream of a worship service for the Glory of God.  Your sponsorship will be highlighted in the respective week’s yellow bulletin insert and on the streaming website.  For more information or to sign up for your day of sponsorship please call 651.426.3261, or simply complete the sponsorship form in the weekly yellow bulletin insert and submit it with your check to anyone at either the Sanctuary or Great Hall reception desk.


Q. If I make a donation to The Foundation may I designate a specific use for my gifts?
A. Yes. Donors designate where they want their gifts directed, and specify the rate of distribution, be that 5% or 10% per year.

Q. Is there a minimum gift amount?
A. No, but a minimum of $10,000 if you want to designate funds in an annuity.

Q. Will any of the principal be spent?
A. The principal of the 5% endowed funds will not be spent. Expenses of The Foundation will be paid with investment earnings, donations designated for operations, or other unrestricted funds. In the event the donor wants to use the 10% per annum distribution option, it will be distributed at 10% per year until Money runs out.

Q. If I donate to The Foundation will it be used in the annual budget of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church?
A. Not normally unless that is the donor’s specific intention.

Q. Is my gift tax deductible?
A. The Foundation of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Gifts are normally tax deductible though donors should always seek advice from their tax professionals to ensure their intentions are being met.