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Mission Jamaica – Vacation With a Purpose

Mission Jamaica 2023 teams are now being added to the calendar for January through March 2023!

We have Saturday-Saturday one-week trips planned that include Ja’Bode home builds, WestHaven Childrens Home, and Clifton Boys’ Home in the Montego Bay area. We also have one-week trips planned for Kingston sites including Calalloo Mews Basic School, Hope Valley Experimental School and Ja’Bode home builds. We plan to offer mobile medical clinics in 2024.

Team leads, small groups, and individuals—Let us know the week(s) you would like to be added so we can provide more specific air and hotel pricing.

Trip A – Jan. 7-14, 2023
Trip B – Jan. 14-21, 2023
Trip C – Jan. 21-28, 2023
Trip D – Jan. 28-Feb. 4, 2023 – Kingston
Trip E – Feb. 4-11, 2023 – with Deacon Stephanie Anderson

Trip F – Feb. 11-18, 2023
Trip G – Feb. 18-25, 2023
Trip I – March 4-11, 2023 – Kingston – with Pastor Brian Norsman
Trip J – March 11-18, 2023
Trip K – March 18-25, 2023

About Mission Jamaica
ission Jamaica (MJ) is a short-term “vacation with a purpose” mission experience which began at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi in 1989. Since that time, over 35 other Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregations and several colleges from Minnesota as well as North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, and Illinois have partnered with St. Andrew’s in this mission field. Mission Jamaica also works with J’Abode, a program similar to Habitat for Humanity, at various sites throughout Jamaica.

A Mission Jamaica trip combines a service project with time for reflection and spiritual rest. It allows a person to experience an international mission field that is close to home, yet far enough away to immerse into another culture for a week. Mission Jamaica provides a way for us to love and serve our neighbor as Jesus taught us through his love and service to others. Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:30-31


$150 deposit (transferable, but not refundable) is due now to hold your spot. Final payment and due date will be provided once your reservation is complete. Typical final payment for teams leaving in January is Oct. 1, 2022. Final payment for February teams is Oct 15, 2022. Final payment for March teams is Nov. 1, 2022.

To register you will need information from the following documents: Passport, health insurance, and COVID vaccination dates.

Approximate one week trip cost is $2300 to $2500 including air, hotel, in-country transportation and Mission Jamaica fees. Trip cancellation insurance recommended and available.

Contact Jeff or Paige Peterson for more information: 

Lutheran World Relief

At St. Andrew’s, we are all about loving and supporting our community, especially people in need of safer, more dignified shelter and those facing homelessness.  Over the years, our work with the Community Resource Center, Habitat for Humanity and Mission Jamaica has allowed us to bring the love of Jesus Christ to people in need of a place to live.   Now we have an opportunity to do even more of this work globally, by expanding our partnership with Lutheran World Relief (LWR).

LWR is a global partner with a 75-year history of caring for those affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises, in addition to creating long-term sustainable solutions to ending poverty, injustice and human suffering. A gift to Lutheran World Relief this month will add your love to the largest global health effort in human history as LWR works with partners around the world to keep our most vulnerable neighbors COVID safe through vaccines and more.

visit the lutheran world relief website

Vision Slovakia News

Help Build a Lasting Center for Christian Education

Since opening in 1998, the Center for Christian Education (CCE) has grown from a small weekend Bible school into a preschool through high school, including a higher education program and outreach facility. We are gradually transitioning towards self-sufficiency, from being 100% dependent on foreign aid two decades ago, to 15% now.  Visit their website:

The people of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church have a warm relationship with the people of Martin, Slovakia. St. Andrew’s first became involved in Martin by helping build a church in nearby Prievidza that was dedicated in 1995. Pastor Roger Eigenfeld and Bohdan Hrobon met about that time while Bohdan was beginning plans for the Bible School in Martin. Since then, St. Andrew’s choirs, youth and adult groups have traveled to Slovakia, and the congregation here has helped both financially and by donating time for renovations.

This is a partnership. St. Andrew’s is helping them spread the word of Christ, and they are coming here to share with us. It is about working together to spread Christ’s word.

Vision Slovakia Background

St. Andrew’s has been involved in the former Eastern bloc nation of Slovakia for over 20 years. Recently people have asked, “When will our ministry there be done?” and, “Aren’t they capable of teaching programs like Vacation Bible School now?” and, “Why is it taking them so long to become financially independent?”

These are difficult and complex questions for many reasons. We didn’t choose this ministry, but this opportunity has been gifted to us and called by God to serve as a congregation. We have continued to establish partnerships with other congregations who are also committed and called into the support of this ministry of Christian education in Slovakia.

In this ministry we have received far more from our Slovak partners than we have given. They have given us a vision of their commitment to teach and proclaim the gospel for this new time of freedom. They have lived through times when it has not only been difficult, but even impossible to worship. These are faithful people with a vision to reestablish Christian education and freedom of worship as they continue to recover from the trauma of living with totalitarian regimes for over 40 years under communism following WW II, and prior to the reign of terror and holocaust under the Third Reich.

Self-worth and initiative were virtually destroyed during these years with the daily threat of imprisonment and death. Records were secretly kept on persons and innocent people who were identified as enemies of the state. This so-called information was used to incarcerate and martyr Slovak citizens for any outward expression of their faith in God. Jan Bohdan Hrobon was a Lutheran pastor who dared to carry out his ministry under all these dangers and still live faithfully to his call to proclaim and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. His vision was to reestablish Christian education schools for children, youth and adults. Others shared his vision to once again provide for educational freedom to instill the Christian faith for a new generation. He died in 2006 but his vision lives on. His son, Bohdan Hrobon, continues to serve as the director of the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia.

The History

These schools have been firmly established, as you will read in the following descriptions, but they are still in their infancy and we cannot fail to support them even now. These are crucial times for the faithful in Slovakia and the partnership we share with them as we continue to walk with them. This is as important now as it has been in the past 15 years.

To offer Christian education has been a life-long vision of the forefathers and current leaders of the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia. The present generation of leaders and teachers is the first after many decades of repression to have the freedom to proclaim the gospel freely and to equip lay leaders to be missionaries of Christ.

The story of the Center for Christian Education began in 1998 with the creation of a Bible School, offering a weekend study program in the Bible and Christian elementary teaching. Its primary purpose was to provide nurturing Christian education for those who sensed the inadequacy of their knowledge of their Christian roots. The theme verse of the school is inscribed in several languages on the central floor-to-ceiling window of the Bible School building, expressing Jesus’ words of promise: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

The Bible School’s offerings soon expanded to include basic education in social work and pastoral care. With a number of partner congregations in the USA, the Bible School continues to annually educate leaders for missions in Eastern Europe. In 2004 the Bible School established the Lutheran Elementary School. They realized that to reach the current generation of children and parents a program of education for elementary age children needed to be established. The addition of the Lutheran Elementary School became a partner in what is now known as the Center for Christian Education.

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