Habitat for Humanity

2017 Habitat Project

Build a single-family home at 924 Jessamine Ave East in St. Paul.  3 blocks south of Maryland, 1 1/2 blocks east of Arcade.


Habitat Weekend – April 22-23:  Special offering to raise money for the project and sign up. You may also donate online.

Building weeks:  Weeks of June 5, June 12, June 26, July 10.

Volunteer opportunities: 

Build, site host, serve lunch, donate drinks & snacks, donate funds.

Click here to sign up to volunteer! 


  1. Select the date and position you wish to volunteer for by clicking the “Sign Up” button.  If this is your first time in the volunteer sign-up database, you will be guided to enter personal information for your registration and waiver of liability.
  2.  When the “Registration complete!” message appears, click “Exit”.
  3.  You may want to print or write down the information that comes up on the screen as a reminder.
  4. If you wish to sign up for additional days or volunteer jobs, select “Events” on the top line, and the calendar of events will re-appear for your selection. You will get an email for each date you register.
  5.  To view all events you have registered for click “My Schedule” on the top line.  Note the check mark on the right side that indicates you are signed up.  The word “CANCEL” appears under the check mark in case you need to cancel a registration.

For more information: 

Contact Dave Engh, 651.334.1459

NEW:  Late summer/fall 2017

Fix up a home for someone in need through A Brush With Kindness.  Watch for more information.

More about Habitat for Humanity

2017 is the 26th year St. Andrew’s has helped a family achieve home ownership. Habitat for Humanity is not a charity program. Homeowners make their down payment with 300-500 hours of “sweat equity”, and then pay a zero interest mortgage for the actual cost of the house. Homeowners are carefully selected from needy applicants; only one in ten qualified applicants is offered one of the 60 homes built each year by volunteers and Habitat families here in the Twin Cities.