Spiritual Practices that Speak Scripture Into Daily LIFE LIFEU, Scripture God's word is LIFE-giving. Come experience God's word in new and experiential spiritual practices that will move your soul into deeper contemplation. Though the ancient practices of the Breath Prayer, Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, Guided Meditations, and more, you will tap into an ancient- future faith that will set your heart on fire. Continue Reading Is Everything I Know About The Bible Wrong?! LIFEU, Scripture A lighting-quick overview of the Old and New Testaments through the lens of common misconceptions, assumptions, and outright blunders. For many people the Bible is just a little bit scary; it's big, it's long, and it's serious business. Even for many of us raised on the Bible there are ways we think about the... Continue Reading Young Adults: Surprised by Scripture LIFEU, Scripture Young adults (ages ~19-35) are invited to join Deacon Stephanie Anderson-Telschow and Intern Pastor Amy Mihelich Smith as we explore scripture's purpose as both an ancient roadmap for charting the wilderness and as God's way of speaking to us right here, right now. If you're curious to learn more about the basics of making... Continue Reading NOVEMBER LARGE GROUP- TENDING TO SCRIPTURE LIFEU, Scripture Why does Scripture matter at all? There are so many voices in culture right now: Musicians, artists, politicians, activists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs. Why should Scripture be given more weight than all of these? Continue Reading Family Bible Story Time LIFEU, Scripture Join these interactive conversations with actual Bible studies your family will get to do together during a Sunday evening devotion time -- between dinner and your bedtime routine! Try out different ways to explore God's Word, including shared reading, dramatic readings, puppets, and using simple objects from around your home to help Bible stories... Continue Reading Now Registering LIFEU Join us this fall for speakers/classes/podcasts/events that will help us all bring the healing power of Christ’s love and be that healing love in the world through the study of four life-giving practices.    Be transformed in faith and through faith as together we seek to Proclaim Jesus Christ, Live in Christ and Serve!... Continue Reading Ready, Set, Go! LIFEU, Prayer This interactive half-hour experience between your Sunday dinner and bedtime routine will get your family emotionally and spiritually ready for the week ahead. The guided conversation invites your family to pause from a busy weekend, share "highs and lows," try out a new family faith practice, and close by blessing each other. Connect with... Continue Reading The Pilgrimage Within: Cultivating Spiritual Practices that Nurture Your Soul for LIFE LIFEU, Prayer There is a pilgrim’s journey in all of us. As we journey through life’s travels, we realize the more substantive way is the deeper pilgrimage into sacred space within us. How do we become more self-aware of our interior self and let our true self deep within us shine? The answer is simple: By... Continue Reading Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others LIFEU, Prayer Barbara Brown Taylor in her book, "Holy Envy" tackles the questions, worries, and concerns that arise when we encounter "other" religions. She nudges us away from spiritual appropriation and comparison, and toward challenging discernment of our faith and the faith of others. Join us as we discuss her book and discover the spiritual riches... Continue Reading

What is ?

Join us for a unique new opportunity in Fall 2020 as we focus on four life-giving practices of abundant living! Special courses designed with you in mind to grow deeper and faith and have a little fun along the way. Meet new people, find time to invest in you!

The format is simple and most courses will be conducted online.  We’ll kick-off a new topic each month- center around prayer, scripture, faith story telling and service.  Join us for one or all four and add to your depth of understanding by selecting a small group/breakout session for 3 weeks!  A great way to try new opportunities to grow in your faith this year.  Short on time? Consider registering for the large group session and weekly podcasts by Dr. Chan.

I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly – John 10:10

  • Engage in Worship and Prayer – frequently and fervently
  • Tend to Scripture – faithfully and fruitfully
  • Share our Faith Stories – authentically and compellingly
  • Serve – courageously and generously

We have been given this gift of LIFE and LIFE U is going to help us unwrap this gift.










I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly ~ John 10:10

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