Story Telling Workshop

Story Telling Workshop with Deacon Stephanie Anderson MONDAYS 7:00 PM Anderson and Rev. Andrea Roske-Metcalfe, Twin Cities Moth GrandSLAM storytelling champion, to learn tips and tricks for upping your storytelling game. These hour-long sessions will be workshop-based, as we offer and receive feedback from one another from a place of compassion and vulnerability, and will culminate in an (optional) open-mic night later on in February.

Telling Your Family’s Story

Telling Your Family’s Story with Mark Jackson SUNDAYS 6:30PM What are the stories that shape who your family is? Interactive conversations will give your family time to discuss what makes your family’s experience its own, including birth stories, how your names were given and what they mean, and the daily routines and practices that are important to you – and what those quirky things you do as a family might say about you! You’ll also explore how your family has experienced God, faith, and community and how you can share your family’s faith story with others.