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Environmental Stewardship

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Environmental Stewardship Team (EST) Mission Statement

To promote the stewardship of God’s life-sustaining creation at St. Andrew’s and in our community. To work in concert with the church mission Proclaim Jesus Christ, Live in Christ, Serve!,  so that the whole world will know the healing power of Christ’s love.

“As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we share a deep love for all of God’s creation and a profound responsibility for it. Made in the image of God, we are called to continue what God is already doing for the earth (Psalm 104), enabling it to flourish. God assigns humans to care for the earth as God does, in loving servanthood. ” (Philippians 2:7, Genesis 2:15)  

The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Presiding Bishop, ELCA

Why do we care for creation?

God first created Earth, and then created humankind.  The first task God gave to humankind was to care for this “good” and amazing creation.  Joining together to care for the masterpiece that God has made should be something that unifies us; a universal way to honor God through our actions.

God exhibits over and over again that God loves all of Creation, knows it in incredible detail, and does not find humankind separate from it but rather a trusted partner in its care.  When we make environmentally wise choices, we are celebrating and respecting creation, giving thanks for Earth’s abundant resources and being good stewards with what we have been given.

When we look to Scripture, we see that God cares deeply about all of creation, not just humans.  In the story of Noah and his ark, God makes sure all the animals are on the ark.  And when the flood recedes, God sets a covenant, not only with Noah and his descendants, but “with also with every living creature that is with you … every animal of the earth with you.”  (Genesis 9:12). In the Ten Commandments, God commands not only humans but also the livestock to rest on the seventh day and observe the sabbath.  In Job 38 and 39, God speaks about all of the creatures and environments he has made and how intimately God knows them—and of the joy and delight God takes in all of his creation.  In John 3:17 we learn that God did not send his Son to condemn the world but to save it!  God is in the business of saving the WORLD and is using us to do so.

Scientists have said there is a problem, but they cannot fix it; inventors and engineers can design new sustainable products and processes, but they cannot ensure people will use them; governments can make laws and incentives to coordinate the effort.  But the heart is the place where a person decides that this is important enough to act. So we are dedicated to getting at the heart of the matter, and we hope you will join us as we together not only enjoy and appreciate creation but care for it.

Things people can do to care for creation:

  1. Read the book Lab Girl and plant a tree – or many trees
  2. Pick up trash while you go on walks
  3. Adopt a storm water drain – and keep it clean
  4. Feed birds – and if you want to, learn their names, calls, and keep track of their visits
  5. Plant flowers (or lawn) for pollinators. More info at Pollinator Friendly Alliance https://www.pollinatorfriendly.org/events
  6. Build a compost bin
  7. Find some activities for kids at Greener Together https://environmentamerica.org/feature/ame/greener-together-0
  8. Put up a clothes line
  9. Engage and learn online with the National Audubon Society, The Food Revolution, Environment America, Friends of the Boundary Waters, etc.
  10. Advocate for the environment: Write or call your legislators and let them know that we all need clean air, clean water and healthy soil in order to live healthy lives and pass a sustainable world on to future generations
  11. Watch movies that inspire:  Living in the Future’s Past – a movie by Jeff Bridges;  The Game Changers – movie on plant based diets and athletic performance

Want to know more?

Please contact Betsy Thorson, Chair, by using our Contact Us form. 

Environmental Stewardship Team Meeting
3rd Mondays, 7 pm

Wanted: Caregivers for God’s creation!

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